Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

When it comes to our young people's future, we prioritize our social responsibilities to support health and education.

For this purpose, the faucets and soap dispensers were made with sensors to facilitate the personal cleaning needs of our friends studying at Doğan Çağlar Special Education Vocational High School.

As part of the "Zero Obstacles in Education" project, which started in 2017, MDD Investment renovated the handicrafts class specially developed for disabled students at Doğan Çağlar Orthopedic Disabled School in Ankara Altındağ.

The following work has been successfully completed during this project:

  • Preservation of the suspended ceiling, parquet floor, and heating radiators of the existing classroom
  • Providing unique tables where students can work comfortably with wheelchairs
  • Construction of comfortable work chairs for a more comfortable training area
  • Supply of tools, fabric, thread, and other stationery products that students will use in handicraft classes
  • The construction of the exhibition cabinets and exhibition shelves needed to display the works

After the construction and supply of materials were completed, the School Principal, Mr. Mustafa BOZKAYA, presented the plaque of appreciation to Board Member Mert DOĞAN for reintroducing the handicrafts class to education.

Stating that all companies should take responsibility for ensuring equal opportunities in education, Mert DOĞAN noted that the "Zero Obstacle in Education" project will not be limited to this completed classroom and informed that he will assist students with new activities.

After the plaque presentation, the school principal and teachers led a small tour of the new classroom version.